Technician (Ne) Human Resources

November 19, 2021

Being RH technician at Pratic is part of a multi-talented team that helps and accompanies businesses in the healthy management of their human resources and, through a turnkey approach, allows to these to get results. From initial management to project delivery, you maintain a constant contact and offers professional support to team advisors. You ensure effective communication to the team and you adapt your strategies to each customer.

In our 100% flexible environment, where each idea can materialize, we have a place for you, Makes the big jump!

The values ​​of Prati are passion, rigor, authenticity, teamwork, innovation and qualification. Do you talk to you too? We want you in the team!

The profile of our dream candidate:

  • You like to manage several projects at the same time, the Diversity stimulates you!
  • Rigorous, you are autonomous in your post
  • You are organized and you know how to work in tight times
  • dynamic, customers are contaminated By your joie de vivre!
  • meticulous, you have a great attention to details
  • collaborative, you have fun working in a team
  • creative, you n 'Do not hesitate to put forward new ways to do
  • resourceful, you find the solution to any problem!

a post at Pratiq, It comes with:

  • a permanent station
  • A hyper flexible schedule
  • a work shared between the office of Berthierville (superb space In the startup box) and the teleworking
  • of the à la carte training, according to your needs and your career aspirations
  • fabulous colleagues
  • events d enter Ladic entering

In your daily life, you will do:

  • The creation of attractive job offers that will generate a craze at Working for our customers
  • post descriptions, specialty platform displays and social networks
  • follow-up to requests for information from candidates and you will realize interviews
  • The analysis of the results on the different employment platforms and social networks
  • The follow-up of investments on sponsored ads and other platform display sites
  • The creation and production of HR documents according to the needs of the customers or our internal needs
  • of the brainstorm with the team on various brand projects employer and HR culture
  • the preparation activities and content of HR and SST training
  • Diagnostic report writing, in collaboration with a member of the team
  • HR and SST file management specific As a project manager
  • a lookout for HR and SST trends

Your qualifications and tools:

  • dec in administration, RH training or relevant experience
  • you master the Office Suite (Outlook, Word, Excel, PPT, Teams)
  • Experience six (6) months to two (2) years in an HR role
  • you have an excellent command of French, written and spoken

* The masculine is used for the sole purpose of lightening the text.

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