SST SENS Specialist

June 22, 2021

Health and Safety Supervisor, you will be responsible for the implementation of health and safety programs for Canadian terminals and Pipeline Saint-Laurent. The latter ensures the maintenance of a healthy and safe workplace, ensure regulatory compliance, as well as Valero policies and procedures. You will identify opportunities for improvement and corrective action, including auditing and inspection programs. You will also need to ensure that the realization of construction or maintenance projects are done at all respect for the laws and regulations and good practice of SST. You will act as an internal expert, including at the level of training, in addition to carrying out prevention activities. Promoting a strong Culture in OHS with all stakeholders; Valero staff and entrepreneurs will be an integral part of your role. These functions require a field presence in a proportion estimated at 75% of your time.

main responsibilities:

  • participate in the audit and d / span program> ' inspection in sst.
  • act as Internal Advisory Expert In respect of health-safety procedures, policies and regulations.
  • Participate in the development of construction projects as a counselor In SST.
  • Participate in the development, implementation and application of SST policies and procedures.
  • Communicate and collaborate with the Health and Corporate Safety Group to harmonize ways of doing things.
  • Support Canadian Health-Safety Terminals staff
  • Promote and coordinate prevention activities (such as prevention week, workshops, clinics, etc.) .
  • Check compliance and certification of SST equipment, keep the registry, in Ensure verification and maintenance.
  • keep the VALERO prevention plan and perform the validation of the plans of contractors.
  • take part and / or ensure the proper conduct of investigations in case of incidents or accidents.
  • participate in the Regulatory care and the development of a register of SST laws and regulations for each site.
  • animate security breaks or meetings.
  • Manage the security guard team.
  • Act as port security respondent.
  • emergency intervention and equipment
  • Participate in the management of emergency interventions in the terminal in collaboration with the heads of the interventions emergency.
  • Participate in the development of emergency plans, rescue plans and simulation exercises.
  • participate in the Management of emergency equipment, register, maintenance, certification .

main requirements:

  • bachelor's degree in a relevant domain with a minimum of 7 to 10 years of Experience, or DEC Technical combined with a minimum of 12 years of experience in the industrial sector.
  • Experience in industry.
  • Knowledge of health-safety standards and regulations.
  • Knowledge on personal protective equipment, andKnowledge or interest for emergency equipment and fire struggle.
  • Interest in emergency response (fire, rescue).
  • oral and written bilingualism.
  • Strong communication skills
  • developed judgment and skill skills quick decision

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