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November 12, 2021

Mila, world pole in artificial intelligence

Mila is a research institute of scientific progress that inspires innovation and The rise of artificial intelligence for everyone. By providing its results to be a change vector serving the common good , Mila contributes to the development of innovation In Quebec.

founded by Professor Yoshua Bengio, a pioneer of deep learning, Mila is the fruit of a unique collaboration between the Université de Montréal and McGill University, in close connection with Polytechnique Montréal and HEC Montréal. Mila is an effervescent research ecosystem that brings together more than 70 industry partners and 700 artificial intelligence specialists, among the brightest in the world

The acquisition of talents, a new key role in Mila

Mila knows a stimulous period of growth. The Talent and Culture team seeks a specialist in talent acquisition that wants to be part of a unique organization where curiosity and creativity are highlighted every day. This or this new partner will have the chance to develop and put in place an innovative talent attraction strategy that perpetuates the quality of Mila's international pedigree, while railing an employee experience that nourishes innovation, collaboration and the Inclusiveness.

Your role as a specialist in talent acquisition

Under the responsibility of the Talent and culture direction, you work closely with many stakeholders whose managers of Mila, your team colleagues and culture as well as different partners of the ecosystem.

    You will be responsible for all the stages of the recruitment process.

    You maintain your network to meet future needs.

    In conjunction with managers, you will establish the strategy recruitment to regional and international events and will have the opportunity to participate.

    You contribute to the candidate courses to make it a rewarding and invigorating experience.

    You will evaluate the different technologies on the market to automate certain tasks.

what you bring to Mila

    You have a few years of experience in talent acquisition with a mastery of sourcing techniques in social networks and professional groups;

    You have developed different interview techniques that allow you to assess the potential of candidates;

    You have the meaning of the organization and the ability to manage the priorities, as well as a skill to adjust your communication level according to different profiles;

    you show a versatility and a spirit of "start-up" that can be used to support the talent and culture team when the Recruitment requirements fluctuate;

    You master French and English both orally and in writing.

Good reasons to work in Mila

Mila has at the heart of his priorities L harmony between thePersonal life and work so that you can feed your ambitions in a sustainable way.

    You benefit from excellent employment conditions: Complete group insurance program, employer's contribution pension savings plan, generous holiday policy and more.

    You can use All your creativity and your impact on the organization will be important.

    You bathe in a modern environment: hybrid work with access to spacious offices at Heart of the mile-ex, trendy district established as a turntable of the techno.

    you leave with a step ahead: you benefit from the international reputation and interest already vibrating that suggests Mila, as well as networks of our emeritic teachers to pose the most interesting talents.

We want to know you e

If you are curious.Se, we will be happy to exchange with you. You can contact us at

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