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April 26, 2019

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The Eureka Center is a private, non-profit organization whose mission is to facilitate the transition of employment for the over 40s since 1976. Member of the Network Association of Specialized Human Services (RSSMO).

In addition, the Eureka Center seeks to develop cooperation relationships with companies and with its partners, in order to be able to better meet their human resource needs, and to facilitate the professional reintegration of its participants.

Starting date: To be determined Posted on June 11, 2018

Deadline: June 30, 2018

Permanent position (35 hours a week).

Salary: To be discussed, according to the internal salary scale.

Job Description: In an Employment Assistance Service (EAS) environment, as an Employment Counselor:

Under the administrative responsibility of the Director General and the Team Leader, the main function of this position is to enable candidates to take an individual or group approach to solving problems related to their employability.

While applying the methods and services put forward by the Eureka Center Inc., the job search consultant, in consultation with the client, conducts the needs assessment of the client and the client. developing a realistic action plan that will meet the client’s profile.

The job search consultant is an employment specialist who informs, guides and advises candidates: job counseling, identification of professional goals, job search assistance and adapted follow-up according to individual needs.

The skills and attitudes required of the advisor to perform these tasks:

Respect and authenticity;
Listening actively and empathically;
Ability to understand the problematic of adults in difficulty of employment;
Ability to communicate (express themselves clearly and with precision, conveying ideas, non-verbal communication, reflection of feelings, synthesis or summary, feedback)
Ability to create individual or group workshops, a climate conducive to the exchange and the emergence of self-confidence;
Ability to adapt to a diverse clientele and all levels of society;
Ability to make four individual meetings per day and 90 admissions per year. Exercise;
Ability to work in a team (maintain good relations);
Decision making / initiative / creativity;
Sense of organization (methodical and respectful of time);
Ability to work as part of a commitment focused on a quality of the services offered and the quality of the customer service;
Ability to intervene with a clientele struggling with integration difficulties;
Knowledge of the tools and software relevant to the exercise employment counselor positions;
Demonstrating initiative, dynamism and ready to take on new challenges;
Capacity to manage physical and computer client files;
High adaptability;
Very good knowledge of the employability environment;
Technical skills required of the advisor to perform these tasks:

Excellent writing skills in French
Good language
Knowledge ofspoken / written English (an asset)
Knowledge of the job market and hiring process
Knowledge of the following applications:
MSI, Internet, Microsoft Outlook, Benchmarks, NOC, Word , etc.
Mandatory Eligibility Requirements for Advisor
Bachelor’s degree completed 100% in Humanities, Social or Career Development;
Minimum of 5 years experience in a similar position.
Other qualifications: communication, organization, attention to details, patience, autonomy
Send CV to Paul Gagner, general director by email:
Note: We will only communicate with the people whose application has been selected.

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