Recruiter - replacement maternity leave 6-month term

December 19, 2018

Our HR team is looking for a dynamic, rigorous and innovative person to review the organization’s staffing processes and actively participate in hiring the best talent.

More specifically, the recruiter: supports recruitment and candidate selection processes, that is, creates attractive displays, prepares interview guides, selects or develops selection tests, sorting resumes, conducting pre-screening interviews and conducting interviews; acts as a guide for managers involved in selection processes; develops personalized recruitment strategies for each of the mandates entrusted to it improves the staffing processes of the organization; actively participates in the development of the HR week; collaborates on different projects according to the mandates of the team.

Job Challenges: review staffing processes and tools, in line with the objectives of optimizing our ways of doing business and attracting a competent, efficient and engaged workforce; > implement change.

Our municipal environment includes 23 services, 23 completely different realities. Each mandate is a new challenge!

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