Main Business Partner - Human Resources

September 17, 2021

The Human Resources Department is looking for a:

Main Business Partner - Human Resources

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Your role:

Browse from the head of division - HR business partners, You provide influence leadership with a DGA and act as a coordinator of your sector, to contribute to the achievement of the GRH Standkes Plan. As a strategic partner, you advise and support the Deputy Chief Executive Officer and some of his managers in the HR Challenges solution and coordinate different facets of human resources, including leadership and talent development, organizational planning, relations with Employees and the forecast management of the workforce.

As part of your duties, you contribute to the understanding and adoption of HR programs and policies, supporting their execution. As an HR Manager of a DGA, you provide the consistent application of the HR service delivery model and work closely with the centers of expertise in order to provide adapted solutions. You bring your support and expertise, in the administration of disciplinary measures as well as in certain sensitive files and, ensure the use or validation of the parameters from the working relationship service.

Globally You must use the value chain of human resources in its entirety to offer relevant and adapted GRH solutions, with a view to meeting the needs of the DGA. In a context of continuous improvement, you play a key role in the preparation and implementation of changes to culture, structure and organizational development.

More precisely :

  • ensure the professional coordination of HR members of its sector of activity and act as a resource person for the group;
  • ensure consistency of interventions within its team;
  • guide the DGA, with respect to appropriate programs, processes and policies on HR;
  • support managers in development of their autonomy in the management of HR
  • evaluate complex disciplinary files and quickly inform the chief, business partner of the urgency of the situation and the possible risks;
  • Inform the Chief, Partners Business of Strategic Issues;
  • Participate in various multidisciplinary committees
  • Serve as a point of contact with the Expertise centers in complex situations;
  • Collaborate with the synchronization of programs and tools developed by the centers of expertise;
  • participate in various optimization projects;
  • Conduct labor planning discussions and changes to organizational planning and, make appropriate recommendations;
  • actively encourage the evolution of organizational culture , in accordance with the strategy of the city;
  • perform a surveillance of its sector and propose proactive solutions.

The desired profile:

  • hold a bachelor's degree in industrial relations, human resources or other relevant field;
  • own a minimum of ten (10) years of experience as a GP;
  • to be a member of the Order of Human Resources Professionals in Quebec (asset);
  • have a great business experience or in a public company or syndicated public para (asset);
  • be able to establish relationshipsLong-term positive with your customers and maintain a high level of satisfaction;
  • have good skills for teamwork and interpersonal relationships;
  • demonstrate a good spirit of analysis and exercise judgment;
  • have a good command of the French oral and written language;
  • Master the MS Office Suite and other IT tools relevant to the
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