Inspector or Inspector in Occupational Health and Safety - All Regions

October 08, 2019

Qualification Process - Recruitment: 11100RS07030004


Are you a dynamic, innovative person and you like challenges? You want to work on diversified, meaningful and promising mandates for the entire Quebec community?

The Quebec Public Service is looking for candidates to fill regular and casual positions as inspectors and health and safety inspectors. work in various departments and agencies and in all the administrative regions of Quebec.

The jobs are mainly located in the Commission for Standards, Equity, Health and Safety. work.

Whether you are finishing or you have experience, sign up for this call for nominations.

Some of these jobs may require additional experience or additional education to what is required under the admission requirements.

This qualification process will lead to the registration of qualified individuals in the field. Bank Number 11100BR07030003 - Inspector or Inspector in Occupational Health and Safety. People whose name is already registered in this bank can not register for this process.


> Under the responsibility of the Health and Safety Director, the job holder promotes the health and safety of workplaces to prevent accidents and work-related illnesses. It works with establishments or construction sites targeted by the CNESST based on organizational planning, intervention priorities or specific requests from clients (complaints, refusals to work, accident investigations, etc.). It ensures the application of the Act respecting occupational health and safety and its regulations. Finally, it intervenes according to its areas of expertise and, where appropriate, works closely with stakeholders, such as health partners, joint associations and other stakeholders. CNESST.

In the performance of his duties or in the context of training, the incumbent may have to travel regularly and frequently outside his home port. It is also possible that she has to intervene outside normal working hours.

The person holding the job can be part of the operational support team that intervenes within of all regional directorates during temporary replacements or special projects. As a result, it may be required to work in several regions of Quebec.

To find out more about the mandates given to inspectors in occupational health and safety, consult the portal Careers

Salary : $ 45,219 to $ 83,243

The Public Service of Quebec offers a host of benefits that you will find difficult to find elsewhere. Check out the Careers Portal for all its distinctive benefits, including those that allow work-life balance.


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