Human Resources Advisor

January 15, 2019

In collaboration with the management team, you will have the mandate to develop the human resources function by implementing strategies that will allow the company to remain competitive in attracting, mobilizing and retaining the workforce. labor. You will act as an adviser to managers and employees on all human resources issues. You will be careful to develop a relationship of trust with all employees in order to position the human resources department as a strategic element for the organization.

Your main responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement the human resources management action plan.
  • Develop and implement successful recruitment and selection strategies.
  • Develop and implement original reception and integration strategies.
  • Develop and implement effective training strategies.
  • Develop and implement challenging performance management strategies.
  • Develop and implement innovative mobilization and retention strategies.
  • Develop the employer brand and ensure its internal and external promotion.
  • Develop and implement organizational communication mechanisms.
  • Support and advise managers in managing their work teams.
  • Participate in the development of human resource management policies.
  • Participate in the development of the global compensation policy ensuring fairness and recognition.
  • Manage parental leave, social leave, disability, etc.
  • Manage the group insurance plan.
  • Maintain the employee manual in accordance with company policies.
  • Perform any other tasks that may be related to the creation of this new position.

You are a person who has:

  • A strong propensity to tackle challenges in an SME context.
  • A dynamism and ability to work in a rapidly changing environment.
  • Strong ability to influence in a changing culture context.
  • Perseverance, an ability to make decisions and move forward.
  • Strong interpersonal skills that promote a healthy and positive work climate.
  • Ability to manage multiple folders at once and prioritize them.

Wanted profile:

  • Bachelor’s degree or certificate in human resources or other related training.
  • 3 years of experience as a general practitioner in a professional services environment (asset).
  • Experience and interest in recruiting in a context of labor shortages.
  • Member of the Order of Approved Human Resources Advisors (Asset).
  • SME experience (asset).
  • Bilingualism (asset).

All applications received will be treated confidentially. Only those selected will be contacted.

Please send your CV via this site.

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