HR and organizational development advisor

June 07, 2021

Our team is looking for a Human Resources Star! Do you have several tips for maintaining strong and lasting relationships within an organization? Do you know how to grow a team at lightning speed? Driving your teammates and encouraging their success is your main motivation?

Are you the one we need to join our team of passionate about innovative solutions for the print market.

The HR advisor will occupy a position at the heart of the company's decisions and operations. He / she will be entrusted with the following main missions:

Human resources management

  • Determine staffing needs, in collaboration with directors different departments of the company;
  • Propose and deploy innovative attraction strategies;
  • Choose recruitment channels and carry out the complete recruitment process for the selection of candidates;
  • Plan and participate in the onboarding and integration of new employees;
  • Coordinate activities related to payroll, compensation and annual evaluations;
  • Respond to questions from employees related to human resources;
  • Manage the OHS committee and ensure follow-ups with the prevention mutual;
  • Collaborate in the implementation of best HR practices and the implementation of various projects associated with the HR function.

Organizational development management

  • G carry out employee skills development activities;
  • Democratize leadership and bring the corporate culture to life;
  • Encourage the commitment and mobilization of teammates;
  • Set up two-way and continuous communication tools;
  • Set up and monitor a growth plan for employees within the organization.

To effectively fulfill his responsibilities, our HR pro must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a minimum of 5 years of experience in the field;
  • Experience in developing expertise and specialized recruitment is an asset;
  • Have skills in human resources management (management of work teams, conflict management, etc.) and fuel human relations;
  • Know the standards and applications of occupational health and safety;
  • Possess written and verbal communication skills e;
  • Master the different recruitment methods, including internationally;
  • Have a highly developed spirit of initiative and leadership.

The little extras to work at Précigrafik

  • Group insurance program;
  • Employee assistance program;
  • Flexible work schedule;
  • Gym available.

About us

Leader in the graphic communications sector, Précigrafik is recognized for its innovative expertise in the production of commercial prints. Responding to colleagues, clients and partners, the Précigrafik team impresses with its leadership, know-how and cutting-edge technologies.

To ensure a stimulating work environment, respect and initiative are values ​​that are essential for the organization.

The opportunity to learn different aspects of our industry, an environment that promotes teamwork, a concern for the preservation of our planet and its resources through various eco-responsible certifications, a management favoringautonomy and self-management.

You will certainly be happy and proud to contribute to the mission of Précigrafik!

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