Hiring agent

June 04, 2021

In the Assistant Director of Human Resources of the Agency, the Hiring Officer assumes functions relating to human resources (staffing and other administrative functions) he devotes about 75% of his time to hiring new candidates and 25% to the execution of administrative functions relating to human resources.

Responsibilities related to the post:

We are looking for a person who can put to Profit his talent as follows:

  • Keep informed about the needs of the agency for posts to be filled
  • Analyze the files of candidates
  • Perform job interviews
  • Perform various administrative tasks

training and experience (asset)

  • Hold a post-secondary education degree
  • Have a human resource experience
  • health knowledge


  • master the Microsoft Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Teams and Outlook
  • Be able to lead multiple folders at a time , in restricted times
  • have a good knowledge of both oral French and written


  • have exceptional human relationship skills
  • show initiative, autonomy and resourcefulness
  • have a high level of professional ethics
  • have ease of approach and communication
  • ability to express their ideas with persuasion
  • demonstrate a sense of responsibility and a good team spirit

salary and benefits

  • salary to discuss
  • cell phone provided
  • bonus quarterly; Certain conditions apply
  • group insurance
  • pension fund
  • work-family conciliation
  • Full time station Monday to Friday

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