Head of Department, Talent Acquisition

June 29, 2020

Human Resources Department - Talent Acquisition Service

  • Permanent full-time position

Date of start of posting: June 25, 2020

End date of posting: July 09, 2020

Our greatest asset at Urgences-santé is our human capital. This is why we are concerned about offering our employees and managers the opportunity to develop professionally within our organization. We are looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager for the Human Resources Department. The candidate (s) sought must be committed and enthusiastic to contribute to the expansion of the organization, in an evolving context, impacting our service offer, which generates new opportunities career with us.

Urgences-santé in brief means: 1,500 employees, 1,000 paramedics, 270,000 procedures per year, 390,000 calls per year, 1 health communication center, 3 operational centers, 1 training center and 1 headquarters serving, 18 hospitals, 1 international airport, 1 metro and 2.5 million inhabitants in the territories of Montreal and Laval. Joining Urgences-santé means joining a mobilized organization, focused on quality, safety and innovation, and also being part of one of the largest pre-hospital emergency organizations which treats more than 40% of all Quebec emergency calls.

The role of the Head of Talent Acquisition, thanks to his skills and experience in the field of talent acquisition, calls upon his skills in communication and teamwork, in order to create a dynamic and stimulating environment for its team of collaborators.


Under the authority of Director of Human Resources, the incumbent provides leadership and management of activities related to the acquisition of talent in order to support the growth, sustainability of activities and integration of talent. It contributes, in collaboration with the other departments, to the design and maintenance of the employee experience. He is also responsible for the administrative management of human resources data and information systems.


  • Assumes the management of the human, financial, material and information resources of its administrative unit;
  • Assumes the accountability of the management of its administrative unit and defines its role, objectives and priorities;
  • Develops, updates and disseminates the standards, policies and programs arising from the activities of its administrative unit in accordance with the guidelines of the Corporation d'urgences-santé;
  • Develops, updates and disseminates to internal partners a Complete "service offer" with regard to the activities of its administrative unit;
  • Develops management indicators for its administrative unit and analyzes the data to ensure continuous improvement of its activities;
  • Periodically meets with the staff of his adminis in order to disseminate guidelines for the purpose of exchanging information;
  • Recommend the organizational structure and staffing plan of its administrative unit to the bodies concerned;
  • In collaboration with immediate superiors, develop, update and distribute job descriptions for all job titles at the Corporation, in accordance with collective agreements and other regulations in force;
  • Participate in the process for consultation on thedefinition and updating of the mission, management philosophy and values ​​of the Corporation d'urgences-santé;
  • Distributes tasks to the staff of its administrative unit and checks the attendance records at work;
  • Assumes all related responsibilities delegated by his immediate superior.

Talent acquisition

  • Directs the development and implementation of a proactive talent identification strategy, internal and external, allowing Urgences-santé to meet its workforce needs in critical and strategic positions;
  • Plans and directs the activities aimed at defining and deploying the employer brand of Urgences-santé;
  • Directs the activities aimed at acquiring talents (sourcing, attraction, skills assessment, recruitment, reception and integration) by promoting the best possible experience for candidates and in accordance with collective agreements and other regulations in force;
  • Leads work to update processes, practices and work tools in talent acquisition in line with best practices;
  • Strategically supports the management of the Emergency Corporation -healthy in the analysis of its needs and priorities in terms of talent acquisition;
  • Ensures the application and the update of the program of access to equality in employment of the Corporation d'urgences-santé.


  • Ensures the supply of human resources information to employees and managers by setting up a service counter and ensuring that service objectives are met in terms of customer service;
  • Directs activities daily input and production of human resources data from the Corporation d'urgences-santé (creation and updating of employee records, management of the positions, production of employment certificates or any other documents relating to administrative management);
  • Plans and directs activities to maintain and improve the functionality of the human resources information system and related processes and procedures;
  • Directs the production of statistical data and analysis reports from the human resources information system to support managers' decision-making.



  • University degree undergraduate degree in business administration, industrial relations or a related discipline;
  • Postgraduate university degree in business administration, industrial relations or a related discipline (asset).

Professional experience

  • Relevant experience of nine (9) years in the field of human resources management nes, including a minimum of three (3) years in talent acquisition;
  • Experience in employee management;
  • Knowledge of best practices in talent acquisition;
  • Experience with talent acquisition tools and technology (Application management system, recruitment 2.0, etc.);
  • Experience with computerized human resource management systems.

Personal and professional skills

  • Have the ability to plan and carry out several files within short deadlines;
  • Have a positive, participative and respectful approach to individuals;
  • Have a strong customer orientation;
  • Demonstratediscretion and tact in delicate situations;
  • Demonstrate excellent oral and written communication skills;
  • Demonstrate an ability to establish and monitor performance indicators;
  • Be innovative while respecting corporate guidelines.

Professional affiliation (if applicable): Member of the '' Order of certified human resources advisers (asset).


  • Contribution to the Pension Plan of the personnel of management (RRPE);
  • Thirteen (13) paid holidays;
  • 25 days of vacation after a year worked;
  • Employee assistance program;
  • Working conditions and other benefits provided for executives of health and social service agencies and establishments;
  • Work schedule of 35 hours per week.

ANNUAL REMUNERATION: $ 72,356 to $ 94,096

Location: 670 0 Jarry Est, Montréal, QC H1P 0A4


The Corporation d'urgences-santé operates an access to health care program equality and invites women, visible minorities, ethnic minorities, aboriginal people and people with disabilities to apply. They can also tell us about their specific needs in relation to the job sought in order to facilitate their nomination.

Please be assured that we will treat this information confidentially. For a diploma obtained outside Quebec, we require the comparative evaluation of studies issued by the Department of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion. In addition, we also consider experiences acquired outside Quebec. We will only communicate with those selected for the screening process.

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