General Accountant

June 29, 2022

Our client, a non-profit corporation working in sphere of social intervention and located at Square Victoria metro station, wishes to join its team a general accountant who will report to the Executive Director.

Summary of Responsibilities

In collaboration and under the supervision of the Director of Administrative Services:

-Direct the work, encourage and motivate the staff of the activities of the service that will be delegated to him/her

-Manage the activities under his/her responsibility in order to ensure their harmonious integration with all activities

-Monitor the activities under his/her responsibility and ensure that they comply with the organization's policies and regulations, its directions and priorities as well as appropriate standards of efficiency and productivity

-Give advice in his/her field of expertise as well as on the orientations and policies of the organization

-Represent the organization to external interlocutors in the course of his/her duties and ensure that its written and verbal communications give it a positive image

-Ensure the judicious use of the material and human resources entrusted to him/ her, reports on their use and, if necessary, recommend appropriate changes in their allocation

In support of the Director of Administrative Services, the incumbent could be entrusted with the following mandates:

Finance and administration

-Prepare monthly and annual financial statements

-Provide financial reports and analysis enabling the Director of Administrative Services to make appropriate decisions and respond to requests from the Board of Directors

-Manage and track the budget process

-Ensure that the financial management structure corresponds to the needs of the organization

-Coordinate the preparation and dissemination of financial information (annual statement, monthly and annual reports, etc.)

-Conduct internal controls to ensure compliance in all business processes

-Prepare the various documents relevant to the auditor's visit

-Ensure that the accounting process complies with generally accepted standards

-Alert and report to management of any situation that could affect the organization and/or its financial integrity

Other responsibilities

-Oversee the payroll process

-Manage the organization's obligations with regard to the various required reports and data to be provided periodically to governments or other responsible authorities

-Update management and/or human resources policies/procedures

-Act as a resource person with the building manager

-Any other related task

Requirements and experience

-Bachelor of Business Administration, specialization in Accounting or Finance

-Minimum of 3 years of experience in a financial and administrative management role.

-Knowledge of the IT tools necessary for the execution of the tasks assigned to him/her and which are necessary for the proper management of the organization:

->Acomba (accounting software) — advanced level

->FileMaker Pro (database management software) – an asset

->Office suite (Word and Excel)

-Fluency in written and spoken French (English an asset)

Required skills

-Knowledge and expertise in Canadian and Quebec public accounting

-Excellent understanding of issues as well as accounting and financial principles and models

-In-depth knowledge of financial practices and controls

-Personal knowledge or philosophy compatible with self-help movements

Other required skills

-Attention to detail

-Respect of deadlines


-Ability to supervise and delegate

-Ability to plan and organize work

-Ability to analyze and synthesize

-Reasoning and decision-making

-Stress management

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As an equal opportunity employer, Personnel Alter Ego values diversity in its workforce and seeks to ensure all groups remain fairly represented. Candidates must have the legal right to work in Canada.

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