Director of the Human Resources Service

April 26, 2022

summary description

under the authority of the Director General, the person holder of the position is responsible for planning, organizing, directing, controlling and coordinate activities relating to the human resources service as well as occupational health and safety prevention. General and the Municipal Council, sees the development of policies, procedures and directives in order to ensure healthy management of the human resources service and health prevention at work.

Person holder of the position must know the laws and regulations governing their functions because they must assist the director general in the exercise of her functions.

Example of tasks

  • Human resources:
    • assists the general manager in the management of resources UMANES and the application of the various collective agreements and contracts and support for human resources services and health and safety prevention at work.
    • Acts as a resource person with employees for any questions relating to the benefits provided for collective agreements and employment contracts such as collective insurance coverage and the simplified retirement regime of the municipality.
    • Ensures the management and monitoring of absences as well as the writing of the communications linked to it.
    • Ensures the endowment of vacancies according to the policy and method in force. Sets the performance objectives, supervises and supervises the staff under his governance. Sees the discipline within the workforce. Sees annual assessments.
    • ensures that all the staff of the municipality has effectively learned and includes new regulations, directives, opinions, instructions and other documents necessary for the performance of their functions.
    • ensures the verification of the pay if necessary in the absence of the pay department.
  • health and safety at work :
    • sees the implementation and maintenance of a health prevention program and safety at work and ensures appropriate follow -up. To this end, the person holder of the position must prepare and assist the director general in prevention meetings, purchases of protective equipment, site inspections, places, equipment and tools, training and information given to Staff with regard to occupational health and safety including procedures, guidelines and working methods.
    • ensures that the health and safety prevention program is respected by The staff and reports to the Director General all infringements committed. Takes the reports of offense with regard to said program and follows its follow -up.
    • Collaborate with those responsible for the study of various plans in everything related to the prevention program in order to formulate the appropriate recommendations ensuring its respect and maintenance.
  • generalities:
    • implements, from the main orientations, the strategies for the achievement of organizational objectives in matters human resources management and health and safety prevention at work. Manages the resources and the process for the achievement of objectives, analyzes the progression, ensures the rectifications necessary to achieve objectives.
    • prepares, documents, manages and produces the necessary reports for all contracts, subsidies and others that can link the municipality of Val-des-Monts and as such, acts as a liaison officer with the different organizations. Prepares claims for different government subsidy programs.
    • manages, in collaboration with the Finance Department, the money allocated to the management of human resources and health and safety prevention at work. Writes and presents its immediate superior financial or statistical reports in collaboration with the various services. Prepares data compilations for the development of the annual budget.
    • provides who the information and explanations within the limits of its powers on the basis of regulatory principles, policies or objectives.
    • establishes contacts, prepares and participates in meetings.
    • Assists the Executive Director in the preparation of various meetings such as the Human Resources Committee, Labor Relations Committees and the Occupational Health and Safety Committee.
    • prepare resolutions , regulations, directives, correspondence and other documents necessary in the performance of its functions. Written in French or English the current correspondence and verifies texts as to their writing. Performs various office work. Receives requests for internal information and requests, and makes, where appropriate, related research.
    • search and collate information, transcribes and accumulates according to summary instructions, or according to a usual method for reports, statistics, etc. Write and transmits recommendations, reports, statistics, reports and other at the request of his superior.
    • implements the laws, regulations and policies in force concerning salary administration and ensures changes arising from all changes.
    • maintains the files and sees the compilation of the necessary statistics. Submits to his superior the balance sheet and the statistics of the activities he is responsible.
    • complies with all regulations, ordinances, opinions, instructions and guidelines from the Executive Director.
    • consulted and regularly informs its superior on productivity gains and investments that have been performed when implementing new processes to ensure that needs are fully satisfied
    • identifies The needs or problems relating to its tasks and submits its superior any suggestion or recommendation that can improve operation and provides recommendations for improving its service.
    • accomplishes, at the request of the Executive Director, any other related task or similar to the above-mentioned tasks.

    requirements and qualifications

    • Have a university degree in labor relations or any combination of training and work experience judged equivalent.
    • Have three years of relevant or equivalent experience in the municipal field, human resource management and health and safety prevention.
    • be bilingual and possess good skills for written and verbal communication.
    • Possess knowledge related to computer and office automation.
    • own the skills, personality traits and other suitable personal qualities. Must show leadership, be mobilizing and possess aEvident Aptitude to Lead Teams:
    • Knowledge of the Municipal Domain
    • Experience in Human Resources Management
    • Experience in Administrative Management
    • Availability to work in the evening
    • knowledge of computer
    • Writing capacity
    • demonstrated ability in problem solving

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