Director of Human Resources and Organizational Support

June 26, 2019

Under the authority of the Chief Executive Officer, the Director of Human Resources and Organizational Support will have as a priority mission to define and deploy his recruitment strategy in a highly competitive environment. Its primary role will be to act as consultant to the Branch and Branch Managers by supporting and consolidating sound human resource management practices to increase level of competence and autonomy.

- In order to meet recruitment challenges, HRD-SO will have to be able to set up creative and innovative means of acquiring and retaining workers in order to differentiate itself of those put in place by the competition, and thus obtain the results necessary to the needs of the company. Excellent knowledge of operational "marketing recruitment" would be a great asset!

HRD-SO will have the support of the marketing and communications department to maximize the impact of communications with targeted candidates.

- As a consultant , HRD-SO will need to be able to respond to issues related to staff training, development and recognition to enhance the employee experience and thus contribute to the development of the employer brand.

The HR-SO will be in a position to guide and accompany the Branch Managers in order to enable them to consolidate a strong competence in human resources management and thus to gain autonomy in the management of their personnel.

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