Director Culture and Talent

June 19, 2019

Human management is your passion. You know how to make sure that the career path of a person is mobilizing. You like to meet, influence, listen people, target potential and develop leaders. You seek to put forward your innovative spirit. We have a job for you.

Elevex is a company specialized in offering handling solutions. We have a history of more than 20 years in our industry and are now part of its leading companies, including a team of more than 75 people including 5 managers and 2 shareholders. For more information, visit our website. 

Your role is to develop the autonomy of managers by offering them daily support in the management of their employees. To do this, you will seek to:

  1. Maximize the skills available to the business with minimal use of other key resources.
  2. Evaluate the risks associated with staff skills before continuing to grow.
  3. Provide leadership for change in the deployment of human resources strategies.
  4. Provide an advisory role and support to managers at all levels to ensure their effectiveness.

The main responsibilities:

  • Participate in the management committee of the company.
  • Train and develop managers on personnel management.
  • Ensure compliance of the company with Quebec legislation.
  • Build HR management systems to ensure effective decision-making by managers.
  • Provide daily support to managers in disciplinary management.
  • Coordinate the management of health and safety, relations with the mutual and the CSST to the needs.
  • Ensure the development of training programs.
  • Maintain an internal communication system.
  • Ensure the effectiveness of HR recruitment and marketing.
  • Maintain a harmonious work environment.
  • Develop and maintain the company's benefits plan.

We offer flexibility for a 4 day week position. Employment will begin no later than mid-September 2019.

Qualifications, skills and experience required:

  • Undergraduate university degree (bachelor's degree) in human resources management (or equivalent).
  • 5 to 10 years of experience in talent management, including at least 2 to 5 as a business and / or general talent management partner.
  • Bilingualism (English and French).
  • A skilled communicator and a keen political sense to exert influential leadership and become a strategic business partner.
  • Sense of organization and excellent ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.
  • Ease of use and good knowledge of social media.
  • Excellent analytical skills to deal with difficult situations while keeping your cool.
  • Member of the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors (CHRP / CRIA) will be considered an asset.

Please apply via this website by sending your CV and a letter of interest to Frédéric Chatel.

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