Deputy Director of Human Resources

January 13, 2020

Brief description

Under the authority of the Director General, the Deputy Director assumes responsibility for files of a strategic nature and ensures the management of his staff for the proper functioning of operations.

More specifically, the assistant management:

¡Determines the human resources needs and proceeds to the selection of personnel in accordance with the policies and processes in effect at the College;

¡Informs the staff under his responsibility, directs them in particular with regard to reception, integration into work, content and distribution of tasks, development and application of policies in terms of human resources management and working conditions;

¡Advise managers on all issues of human resource management : staff assessment, labor relations, disciplinary or administrative measures tives, leave eligibility, union leave and specific or special projects;

¡Manage material and financial resources within approved limits;

¡ Applies laws, collective agreements, government policies and regulations;

¡Designs, implements and adapts administrative systems and processes for coordinating activities with other sectors;

¡Establish and maintain with the members of the personnel, the union representatives and the executives of the college, the communication and operational mechanisms necessary for the smooth running of the operations;

¡Present a work plan and an annual report to the Director of Human Resources.

Labor relations

¡Actively participates in the definition of orientations, strategies, objectives and priorities in terms of labor relations in connection with the Strategic Plan in a change management context;

¡Provides advisory services to senior management and managers in matters of labor relations and dispute resolution;

¡Directs management activities relating to labor relations such as: application and interpretation of collective agreements and labor laws;

¡Coordinates activities of staff involved in labor relations and sits on the Labor Relations Committees of teaching and support staff;

¡In collaboration with the Studies and Student Life Department, contributes developing guidelines for the distribution of teaching resources and establishing the principles for discussion with the teaching staff union for the distribution of the task;

¡Manages activities aimed at determining tenure of teaching staff and alumni lists netting;

¡Conducts surveys of managers, participates in grievance committees and is responsible for the schedule and timeliness with regard to the grievance and arbitration procedure , does the required case law research and recommends to the Director of Human Resources settlement hypotheses when required;

¡Acts as a representative of the College before administrative or judicial bodies or tribunals in the field of labor relations in any other matter under its jurisdiction, particularly when harassment complaints arise;

¡Draft draft letters of agreement, protocols and procedures as necessary;

¡Performs appropriate research in labor law and, if necessary, writes opinions.

Management of compensation andemployee benefits

¡Acts as manager for this sector of activity for all employees (non-unionized, unionized, managers and senior executives);

¡Directs the management of day-to-day operations related to the production of payroll, the preparation of the SPOC file, the CARRA annual report or any other required report;

¡Assumes responsibility for the interpretation and application of laws, collective agreements, policies, procedures and directives relating to various compensation and employee benefit plans;

¡Ensure the management and coordination of current operations related to the compensation of all categories of personnel;

¡Oversee the operations determining the compensation upon engagement, including education and experience assessment;

¡Coordinate operations current compensation matters in collaboration with the Administrative Services;

¡Ensures the operations necessary for the application of salary variations;

¡Acts at title of resource person (internal and external) for the computerized payroll and human resources management system (use, development, update);

¡Identifies and recommends process improvements in place;

¡Responds to all requests for staff statistics.


¡Assumes responsibility for staffing professional staff and unionized and non-unionized staff in Continuing Education according to the guidelines of the staffing program and the Access to Equal Employment Program (EAPP);

¡Coordinate the implementation of activities related to the EYP, in accordance with the objectives set out in the action plan;

¡Manage e the operations linked to the opening of the individual file, information on employee benefits and the signing of commitment documents for the sector for which he is responsible;

¡Manages operations relating to priority of engagement and job security and all relations with the Placement Office of the college network for the sector for which it is responsible.

Organizational development

¡Participates, assists and advises General Management and other executives in projects for which he is responsible or involved, in particular in terms of compensation, benefits, change management, management and development of human resources and working relationships of College staff;

¡Directs activities relating to workforce planning, in particular for the identification of strategies for succession management, the quality é of working life, training and development, and access to equal employment;

¡Ensures the analysis and identification of the needs of development and improvement and directs the implementation of activities to develop staff training and development programs, particularly for the Skills Acquisition Program.

Participation in various committees

¡Ensures the representation of the Direction or the College in matters of health and safety, access to equal employment, professional development and formative evaluation of teachers and all other program or policy under his responsibility.

¡May be called upon to carry out any other task requested by his superior.



¡Hold a terminal undergraduate university degree in a field of specialization

¡ Being a member of the Order of Certified Human Resources Advisors would be an asset


¡Relevant experience related to the position

¡Generalist with strength in labor relations

¡Great interest in labor relations

> ¡Experience in team management is an asset

¡Knowledge of the college environment would be an asset, no more.


¡Mobilizing leadership, tolerance of ambiguity and agility

¡Creativity and innovation

¡Be recognized for his teamwork skills, interpersonal skills, client approach and the ability to deal with several files at once

¡Focused on solutions



¡Professional maturity

¡Excellent French; spoken and written

¡Good management skills

Main challenges of the position

¡Work effectively and in close collaboration with all the departments of the organization ¡Work on the implementation of the strategic plan ¡Start a hiring strategy project for teachers ¡ Play a proactive advisory role with managers and unions ¡Be an excellent influential element at the organizational level ¡Manage your team effectively

Why join Cégep de Saint -Hyacinthe

¡Dynamic and intellectually stimulating environment ¡Job challenges and autonomy ¡Culture focused on customer orientation, collaboration, creativity and thoroughness ¡Work within a strategic, dynamic team with multiple projects

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