Coordinator.trice Health-Security Prevention

July 30, 2021

Reason for the position

The holder of the position is responsible for coordinating the activities of the work accident prevention program at the Sainte-Thérèse plant. The Health and Safety Coordinator provides expertise in prevention and health and safety at work in compliance with internal laws, regulations and management systems.

Tasks and responsibilities

  • Maintain, promote and improve prevention program processes;
  • Promote the prevention and adoption of safe behaviors through communication initiatives and awareness activities (safety capsules, Internal Journal);
  • Write and set up safety procedures and instructions;
  • evaluate the application of security policies, procedures and instruction and recommend as needed to the modifications;
  • Support, accompany and develop health and safety production and services;
  • Coordinate and participate in meetings of health and safety committees;
  • Coordinate and perform the work environmental analyzes (noise level, C Thermal ontraint, lighting, etc.)
  • Regularly inspect the work areas to ensure legal compliance and monitor corrective actions;
  • Initiate accident investigations processes and tracking corrective actions;
  • maintain, audit and improve the ISO 45001 management system (internal training available);
  • participate in the identification of risks and propose solutions To reduce and / or eliminate them;
  • maintain and communicate performance indicators in prevention;
  • Represent the employer with government authorities (CNESST, CISS, etc. );
  • Ensuring the sound management of certain protective equipment such as glasses and safety shoes;
  • Participate in the emergency plan.

Wanted profile

This extension is for you if you like to work as a team, if you demonstrate initiative, autonomy, have the s Responsibilities and major skills to communicate.

Qualifications required

  • Health and safety diploma or equivalent.
  • Minimum of 5 years experience in prevention in a manufacturing environment.
  • Work Experience in a Syndicated Environment.
  • Strong communication skills and to encourage change.
  • very Strong organization capacity.
  • Very good knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.
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