October 12, 2018

Groupe Leclerc (), a North American leader specializing in the manufacture of cookies and snack bars, is currently seeking nominations to fill a position of Human Resources Coordinator. We are pursuing an ambitious growth plan supported by the essential contribution of our 1,000 employees who work in our seven plants in Canada and the United States. In this context, the human resources team has been undergoing a major transformation over the last few years, focusing more on people development and the implementation of best management practices, which has made it a major player in the transformation into course in our organization. This position stems from a departure on maternity leave.


Reporting to the Human Resources Branch, the incumbent acts as a consultant and coach to the Vice President of the plant, its management team and its employees. In addition to ensuring the sound management of all traditional activities related to human resources management, he actively contributes to the implementation of new management methods, the development of skills of managers and employees, as well as Maintain and increase the level of engagement of team members, working closely with the HR team at headquarters and in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, policies and processes.


Temporary position for a period of one year.


  • Take charge of planning activities in need of manpower, recruitment, identification, selection and retention of talent
  • Support and advise managers and supervisors in all areas of human resources management
  • Act as a coach for the management and supervision team of the plant in order to develop their skills and those of their team
  • Participate in the development of strategies and means to achieve the plant’s human resources objectives
  • Act as an agent of change in organizational development projects and, if necessary, lead such projects
  • Ensure and coordinate the monitoring of the skills development program
  • Coordinate and ensure the performance review process (2 times per year). Coach managers in this area.
  • Work with the occupational health and safety team to improve and maintain best practices in this area and support managers in their health and safety monitoring activities. Participates actively in the annual salary administration and bonus process
  • Coordinate and track absences and disability files as well as certain steps in the management of applicable benefits
  • Ensure the sound administration of the disciplinary process
  • Analyze and recommend possible improvements to all facets of human resource management under its responsibility


  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Human Resources Concentration; Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Relations or any specialty related to this role;
  • Five (5) to eight (8) years of relevant and preferably acquired experience in a manufacturing environment; support and coaching experience of a top management teamlevel;
  • Lean Management approach
  • Know how to exercise your role of influence
  • Being able to work in an environment where change is ubiquitous
  • Fluency in spoken and written English an asset Title CRHA or CRIA

Concrete achievements in collaborative contexts that have demonstrated credibility, integrity, tact and diplomacy We firmly believe that it is the team that makes the difference and allows Groupe Leclerc to stand out from the big multinational food companies. Authenticity, innovation, respect and commitment are the values ​​that describe us and that we seek in people. This additional position reconfirms Leclerc’s commitment to investing in development and the care it brings to its human resources.

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