Coordinator - Human Resources

June 07, 2021


In the Human Resources Manager, the Holder of the Job plays an important role in providing fast and professional internal customer service to staff members. It ensures that programs in human resources are administered in a transparent manner and provides general and administrative support on the human resources team collaboratively.

Key responsibilities

The holder of the position acts as a resource person for:

  • The administration and implementation of HR programs and policies (signature of documents, enforcement, Tracking updates);
  • The follow-up of the assessment measures of the satisfaction of internal clients;
  • planning and management of interview appointments at the office;
  • Integration Agenda Planning (Onboarding) New Employees;
  • The coordination of the integration process of new employees (confirmation of appointments, home, signature of documents , copy of official documents, etc.);
  • Updating Employee Lists / Intranet Employee Profiles;
  • Year Creation Nonce of presentation or departures of employees;
  • The availability of work equipment and compilation of the related data;
  • coordination and planning of initiatives or events Corporate Social (Anniversaries, Birth, Birth, Death, Partys etc.);
  • Reporting, Registers and Minutes of Qsse Committees;
  • Keeping the tool Tracking of Employee Certifications;
  • Ensure compliance with the authorization policies of the company;
  • Scan HR documents and save them;
  • All other related tasks.


  • disability insurance;
  • complementary health insurance;
  • view insurance;
  • dental insurance;
  • life insurance;
  • travel insurance;
  • program Assistance to employees;
  • holidays and personal days;
  • business events;
  • Wellness programs;
  • On-site parking.

Reporting obligation

The employee is responsible for:

  • perform the tasks in a professional manner at any time;
  • make updates to its immediate superior on a regular basis about the activities under its responsibility;
  • Notify the immediate superior of any problem that can affect the quality of the company's services.

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