Analyst-Process Improvement

June 03, 2021

Analyst-Process Improvement

Process management and information-management of human resources

temporary position, full time, more than 6 months


HEC Montréal is the first school management in Canada. Centenary, holder of three international approvals, his reputation is established in Quebec, Canada and internationally. HEC Montréal offers an enriching, dynamic, stimulating and multicultural workplace; real crossroads of trends in all the management sectors.

The Human Resources Branch supports the school's strategies and participates in its effectiveness by promoting an environment where conditions are conducive to fulfillment. professional as staff of his employees. It ensures the maintenance of a safe and safe, stimulating, fair and equitable work environment in accordance with the laws, regulations and policies in force. It offers consulting services to the school leadership, managers and staff in its various fields of expertise.

The Payroll Section, Process Management and Information is responsible for the Data management related to HEC Montréal employee records. This team leads all the activities related to payroll and for years. Participates in the management and development of information systems, including the integrated management system, People Soft. The team also sees the improvement of management processes under the direction of human resources and through the school.

Role and responsibilities

The analyst - Process improvement Realizes existing process analysis and supports teams in the ideation of new processes or processes optimized by building concepts and tools for continuous improvement. In addition, this person participates in the dissemination and adoption of good practices in connection with the improvement of processes at the Human Resources Branch and at school.

More specifically, the person holding of this job:

• Provides its expertise to the services of the Human Resources Department, Directorates and Teams of the School by proposing strategies to improve operational performance and Optimization of business processes.

• Identify the need, diagnosis, recommendations and support in process optimization.

• Identifies Opportunities for improving short- and medium-term processes affecting the activities of the Human Resources Branch.

• Ensures validation points once the process is implemented.

• Accompany Teams and projects requiring expertise in improving processes in particular with colleagues œ in organizational development and change management.

• organizes and directs working sessions with key stakeholders to encourage their business needs and to determine the processes to optimize management and the management Exploitation of possible results.

• collaborates with various stakeholders to ensure that the implementation of new policies, processes or innovations are in line with the rules and systems operated by other school services.

• Participates, as a resource person or representative of HEC Montréal, to different working groups. Prepares, convenes, anime and participates in meetings or committees related to its activities.

• Ensures a monitoring of best practices in process improvement andcontinuous improvement

• Submits to its superior any file requiring special attention; performs any other task at the request of its superior or necessity by its functions, to maintain or improve the services of its work sector.

Wanted profile

• Bachelor's degree in business administration, with appropriate option, or equivalent considered relevant

• Minimum of four years of relevant work experience

• Very good knowledge of Process Management Methodologies Including process mapping

• Very good knowledge of principles and good practices in continuous improvement (eg Fipec, DMAIC)

• Experience in support of teams in improving processes

• Control of process mapping tools (eg Visio)

• Very good knowledge of the French and English languages, spoken and written

• Very good knowledge of technological environments and current use software

• Synthesis spirit and excellent analysis capacity

• Meaning of organization and planning

• Skills to popularize technical information

• Marked skill for problem solving

• Marked interest in process optimization

• Adaptability in an evolving environment

• Ability to prioritize and handle multiple folders simultaneously

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